Großspenden Fundraising Agentur: Corinna Dietrich bietet Strategie und Praxis für Großspenden, Firmen und Stiftungen. Large-scale Fundraising in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.
Großspenden Fundraising Agentur: Corinna Dietrich bietet Strategie und Praxis für Großspenden, Firmen und Stiftungen. Large-scale Fundraising in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.
Großspenden- Fundraising


Fundraising has been both my profession and my passion for more than 16 years. I specialize in assisting non-profit organizations within the social, cultural, and environmental sectors to realize their goals: securing more funding for crucial projects over the long term. There's no need to invest in complex software or fundraising platforms, nor do you have to hire high-priced staff.


Are you seeking donations? Do you want raise more funds for your project?


No matter where you currently stand, together we can craft a successful strategy that suits your needs. My expertise in fundraising lies in expanding major donations, encompassing contributions from corporations, foundations, and legacy fundraising efforts.


I offer a tailored, comprehensive service for your organization in major donor fundraising. I provide support, conceptualize strategies, and execute plans effectively.

What can I do for you?


I specialize in assisting your organization in establishing and implementing sustainable large-scale fundraising initiatives in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and internationally.


Successful fundraising requires dedication and patience. I provide ongoing support to individuals and organizations, aiding them in establishing or expanding their presence in the field. This encompasses securing significant private donations, legacy gifts, corporate sponsorships, as well as foundation grants.


Major donations are typically defined by each organization and often refer to contributions in the four-digit range or higher.

Corporate donations

More than 200,000 companies in Austria and Switzerland are engaged in donating, even more in Germany.

Foundation grants

There are approx. 770 charitable foundations in Austria, 4 times as many in Germany, and 20 times as many in Switzerland.

My service is suitable for organizations that ...

  • want to start large-scale fundraising on a trial basis before making a larger investment.
  • aim to establish or expand fundraising efforts professionally.
  • desire to raise funds but currently lack fundraising infrastructure.
  • seek fundraising ideas and support for their organization.

You're committed to a good cause, such as ...

  • social non-profit organizations (NPOs) or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) dedicated to p.ex. humanitarian aid.
  • schools, universities, research institutions, and educational establishments.
  • hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and sports facilities.
  • museums, concert halls, and theaters.
  • NPOs or NGOs focused on nature conservation, environmental protection, or animal welfare.
  • any entity dedicated to serving the common good.

May I introduce myself and my service?

Corinna Dietrich als Speakerin beim Kogress Foto: Ludwig Schedl

I specialize in offering guidance and practical support in fundraising and communication. My expertise lies in major giving, corporate donations, as well as securing grants from foundations and legacy fundraising. Over the years, I've successfully raised funds in the DACH market (German-speaking countries), both nationally and internationally, reaching amounts up to the seven-digit range. 


Professional large-scale fundraising


For newcomers to large-scale fundraising, I provide "all-inclusive" workshops as an initial step. These workshops cover essential topics such as assessing your position in the fundraising landscape and developing strategic approaches to achieve your goals.


Together, we'll create a professional roadmap tailored to the specific disciplines within fundraising, guiding you towards effective action. Additionally, I offer practical large-scale fundraising services at a flat rate, with the option of a success guarantee if desired. This ensures transparency and accountability in our partnership, allowing you to pursue your fundraising objectives with confidence.

My contact details:

If you see potential for collaboration, I would be happy to discuss a customized partnership with you - tailored to your needs.


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